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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Geka Iron Worker Demo Truck

Last week we had the GEKA demo truck at our Lynnwood warehouse. Martin was able to run through the BendiCrop machine that they had on the demo truck. Below are some great points on why our customers choose GEKA for their iron worker needs. If you would like more information on our GEKA line or would like to know the next time the demo truck is in the area please contact us!

  • Great versatility: With more than 50 different machine models and over 8000 different accessories.

  • Proven quality, design and craftsmanship: ISO 9001 and OHSAS certifications besides 90 years experience and a continuous bench marking policy

  • Complete after sales service: Permanent stock and next day delivery of consumables (punches, dies, blades) and parts. Telephone, email and remote assistance by Geka’s qualified engineers.

  • Produced & manufactured  in the European Union: Conversely other manufacturers, Geka is the only ironworker fully produced by Geka in the UE.

  • All machines are special order: Every new GEKA machine is one of a kind. Our designers develop solutions suited to your specific needs. We manufacture each GEKA in our own facilities according to precisely defined standards.

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