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Updated: Feb 14, 2018



Salvagnini is achieving its goal by developing the industry’s most advanced software, flexible automation, and intelligent material handling systems to complement what are already the most efficient and versatile punching, shearing, laser cutting and bending machines in the business.

By maintaining its focus first on process and then on operations, Salvagnini is constantly helping its customers to reduce the length of time between receipt of an order and delivery of finished products.

Salvagnini offers the following product categories:

Punching and Shearing

  • S4Xe
  • SL4


  • P1
  • P4Xe
  • P2Xe
  • Roboformer

Laser Cutting

  • L 3
  • L 5

Automation equipment

  • Modular Systems

Material handling equipment


For more information about Salvagnini sheet metal processing equipment and machinery, please contact the sales team at Sanson Machinery Group.