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Updated: Dec 12, 2018



AKYAPAK, which is a long established company from Bursa, exporting metal-bending, cutting, and drilling machines to 98 countries in 5 continents is celebrating its 55 th year anniversary

AKYAPAK having a success story for more than a half century has successfully brought the high quality symbolizing Turkish power to the world.

To reinforce its strong image throughout the world, Akyapak has taken new steps and has lastly formed Akyapak USA and Akyapak Russia offices opened in Tampa and Moscow.



AKYAPAK with technological manufacturing facilities of 25 thousand square meters is a source of pride for both Bursa and Turkey… AKYAPAK established in 1962 in Bursa has reached its worldwide fame with pertinacity from the first day on and following the innovation and technology closely.

AKYAPAK, having its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Bursa, continues to develop technology in Turkey with its regularly trained 320 experienced staff.

AKYAPAK presents its products to the wrold with different brand names as AKBEND for Plate, Pipe, and Profile Bending Machines, AKDRILL for Drilling Lines, AKWELD for Welding Solutions.
For Oxy-Plasma Cutting, Flanging and Dish-End machines, it uses AKYAPAK main brand name.

AKYAPAK machines provide high quality manufacture and application solutions to customers in many fields directing the global economy such as automotive, marine, aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, petrochemistry, defense industries.

Today, AKYAPAK machines are used in the factories of world’s giants like Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce and Turkish aviation and defense industries, TAI and Roketsan.

The construction processes of famous structures like Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul Park tribunes and of vehicles and constructions that are a part our daily life like automobiles, motorcycles, ships, airplanes, airports, bridges, stadiums, steel construction buildings, skyscrapers, wind turbines, petrol stations containes the signature of AKYAPAK machines.

The primary reasons that make AKYAPAK a preferred one in Turkey and the world are precise quality control processes, inspection of every piece with due care and usage of materials of world-wide known brands.
From the acceptance of parts to the assembly of products, the same high quality and customer oriented approach generate AKYAPAK production philosophy.

CE, ISO 9001:2008, UKAS 005, TSEK, and TURQUM certificates officially prove AKYAPAK’s quality and high standards.





Flanging Machine

Akyapak flanging machines are designed for speed and burn to run. It is accurately engineered for lowest vibration during flanging and robustness.

The whole consturctions is electro-welded and stress relieved.Fully hydraulic control and proportional valves are for accurate setting during the flanging so it is simply operated even by new operator who doesn’t have any experience on metal forming.

It is protected against wrong setting and overload by very special hydraulic system engineered. Automatic flanging function (optional) available to flange in shortest time without taking care the material thining.
Diameter range 500 – 10.000 mm.

Thickness range 2 – 50 mm (cold), 100mm hot!

With or without center hole available

You may require producing the bottom with or without center hole. Both are available in our range..

Would you like to flange very thin material?

With or without center hole, thin or thick, stainless or mild steel…
Don’t worry, BMB will flange all of them material-friendly operation and lowest surface roughness.The correct capacity of model is being choosed based on the material thickness, quality and plate diameter like BMB-P.

Customer focus is our priority

Since the investment cost is always one of the important parameter to invest, AKYAPAK decided to focus on function in priority.The standard dishing press and flanging machines are designed only for basic customer needs. You don’t need to think about what is really needed or not since our experts will assist you to create right machine configuration. OR, Specify your application and send us so we will offer an appropriate solution.

It is designed to produce pressure vessel, navy, nuclear, food, power generation, petrochemical, shipyard industries.

Lowest vibration during flanging

The whole machine is engineered to give lowest vibration during flanging. This is one of the main expectation and a benchmark to compare with the others.The high vibration leads to short life-time break or wearing on many components of the machine.

The components are choosen best quality for low maintenance after long life-time.Many design features, to avoid operator error, safety and aspect well engineered.

Skilled Operator is not an issue anymore

Since the flanging operation seems difficult compare to other metal forming, you are right to be afraid.

Thanks to special automation and user friend interface to get rid of this issue.It is very easy to learn and operate for any unskilled operator now. Very easy to control, high accuracy and repetation on the cycles.

APLG 3060-Gantry

Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

Akyapak’s Touch on Steel Construction Industry with GANTRY…

Akyapak is on the market with APLG-Akyapak GANTRY Hole Drilling and Oxygen/Plasma Cutting Machine, its new model in CNC hole drilling, marking, cutting lines in Akyapak’s product range, which can only be manufactured only a few manufacturers in the World…

Akyapak raises the bar in terms of productivity in steel construction manufacturing industry with its GANTRY model. The model is able to perform cutting and light milling on plate by moving the bridge in a minimum field when the material is fixed. The bridge moves on GANTRY while the machine table is fixed, and the model has a hole drilling center with 22 kilowatt power, and plasma and oxygen cutting unit. The smallest version has a 2-meter width and its length starts from 6 meters, while the largest version has a 4-meter width and its length ranges up to 36 meters.

With this model, Akyapak is environment-friendly, as well. Gases exhausted as a result of plasma and oxygen cutting are collected from the fixed table and filtered, and emitted into the environment as clean gases.

  • Plate size (max. mm): 3000×6000
  • Plate thicknes with plasma (max. mm): 50
  • Plasma torches (No.): 1
  • Plate thicknes with Oxy (max. mm): 100
  • Drilling head (No.): 1
  • Drilling tools per head (No.): 8
  • Spindle power (kW): 22
  • Spindle max (RPM): 3000
  • Machine weight (Kg): 22730