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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


elumatecElumatec is an industry leader for metal processing and profiling equipment. This manufacturer offers a comprehensive list of equipment ideal for processing metal, PVC, steel, and aluminum, among other materials. Elumatec, a family company, was established in 1928 and has decades of innovation with various metal processing experts dispersed throughout the company over the years. The combined metal processing experience throughout the company has given Elumatec the competitive advantage of truly innovative metal processing equipment and machinery.

Elumatec offers the following metal and PVC processing equipment to help you achieve your metal fabrication objectives:

  • Saws
  • Mitre saws
  • Double mitre saws
  • Notching saws
  • Vee-notch and cut off saws
  • Automatic saws
  • Glazing bead saws
    • Routers
    • End milling machines
    • Single spindle copy routers
    • Multi-spindle copy routers
    • Template free copy routers
    • Automatic water slot routers
    • Router & triple spindle drill
      • Length stop and measuring systems
      • Profile machining centres
      • Crimpers
      • Corner Crimpers
        • Welding Machines
        • Single head welding machines
        • Multi head welding machines
          • Corner cleaning machines
          • Production lines
          • Welding and corner cleaning production lines
            • Screwdriver systems
            • Reinforcement screwdriver systems
              • Assembly and workshop equipment

The metal fabrication specialists at Sanson Machinery can help you quickly find the right metal processing solutions available from Elumatec. Our expertise in this industry and relationships with several metal fabrication equipment manufacturers gives us the advantage of knowing which high quality machinery is right for your metal fabrication objectives. We are happy to discuss your metal processing needs and find the best equipment to achieve those objectives.