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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


automecAutomec is a leader in backgauge systems for press brakes and shears. This manufacturer works with many of our other equipment manufacturers to provide unique and accurate positioning systems for heavy machinery and metal fabrication equipment. Automec backgauge systems are capable of a wider variety of functions and complex sheet metal positioning in order to achieve accurate bends and cuts for a wide variety of sheet metal materials and complex metal fabrication productions.

Automec offers the following backgauge products:

  • Backgauging Systems
  • Easygage Systems
  • Squaregage Systems
  • Shearfeed Systems

Automec offers a wide variety of backgauge systems to meet the requirements of any metal fabrication application. They offer both simple and complex backgauge systems to interface with a wide variety of controls. The controls and backgauge systems offered by Automec are available with many different options for functionality, operation, and job complexity. Many of the controls are capable of storing programming for thousands of jobs and all are capable of positioning the material correctly every time.

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