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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory finishing equipment is commonly used to complete the finish work for many pieces of fabricated metal. This process deburrs, cleans, and brightens all at once. This equipment can be used for a single piece of large finished product although it is commonly used to finish a large number of small pieces at the same time. This process involved a large tub that is filled with small pellets and the completed metal pieces that are to be finished with this process. The tub is then turned on and the vibratory finishing process begins. The vibration of the tub causes the pellets to rub against the metal pieces, and in the process rubs off all of the burrs and other metal shavings both on the exterior and interior of the metal pieces. The result of this process is a clean, finished product.

Sanson Machinery is proud to offer vibratory finishing and deburring systems to help you complete the finish work for large batches in a short amount of time. This system is ideal for any project that involves the mass production of relatively small metal pieces. For pieces that have detail work such as holes, notches, or other details, this process quickly cleans out any type of detail machining as well. This process provides and fast and convenient method of provide and smooth and consistent finish for all parts.

The extent of finishing can be controlled by adjusting the frequency and amplitude of the vibratory deburring machine. Keep in mind that the tub of the vibratory finishing machine is open so that the operator may observe the process and determine if the appropriate amount of finishing has been performed prior to completing the process. This method of finishing is also ideal for fragile parts. The nature of the motion and all parts and pellets moving in mass creates a safe environment for more fragile pieces making it possible to complete almost any project with a vibratory finishing system.

When you decide to pursue the purchase of a vibratory finishing system, our vibratory finishing specialists will help you analyze your metal processing applications and determine whether or not a vibratory finishing system is the best option for your finish work. We will also discuss various options such as additional safety features and the specific type of vibratory finishing system that may be right for your facility.