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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Tooling – Punch & Ironworker

Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of punch presses and punch tooling to help you achieve your production requirements. Each punch press requires tooling which includes at least one set of punches and dies in order to punch the desired holes in each piece of sheet metal. The type of tooling you purchase will depend on the type of punch press you are using.

Dies and punches must be used together in order to create the desired hole. Without one or the other, your punch press will not work. Using the corresponding die for each punch is essential or your desired punch will not be achieved. Punch tooling manufacturers create die and punch sets in order to eliminate any confusion about which punch should be used with each die. If you run into any problems with a die or punch such as excessive wear or loss, the manufacturer will generally have replacement parts available. Depending on the frequency of use, you may want to consider routine changing of the die and punch sets in order to create consistent, high quality punches every time.

Sanson Machinery offers complete die sets for any punch press and multiple options for your desired punch production. Our punch press specialists can help you determine which die set is right for your punch press and specific application. If you are looking for punch tooling for a new project, you will need to consider the overall desired outcome prior to purchasing a new punch and die set. We will help you analyze your application and determine which die set is right for the desired outcome.