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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


wilaWila offers comprehensive press brakes, tooling, and manufacturing options for any press brake application. Wila has been developing and producing top of the line press brake equipment since 1932 and has had decades of product development to offer its current cutting edge press brake technology. This innovative press brake company has been providing customers worldwide with ultimate productivity, accuracy, and outcome satisfaction for generations of press brake owners and operators.

Wila offers the following press brake equipment, tooling, and options:

  • Press brake machinery
  • Clamping
  • Tooling
  • Crowning
  • Bottom tool holders
  • Accessories

Not only are Wila press brakes incredibly versatile and capable of handling any press brake application, they are also incredibly affordable. You can achieve the same accuracy, capabilities, and productivity rate as many of the more expensive press brake options on the market today. Each press brake from Wila is available with options for customization and specific requirements of your press brake application. Additionally, Wila offers comprehensive press brake tooling options in order to accommodate for a wide variety of simple and complex press brake operations.

The press brake specialists at Sanson Machinery are happy to discuss the advantage of purchasing a Wila press brake for your press brake and metal forming applications. We will thoroughly analyze your current needs and future possibilities, discuss the best Wila press brake options for your operation and answer any additional questions you may have about this particular press brake brand.