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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Press Brake Tooling

Sanson Machinery offers comprehensive press brake tooling options for all sizes, brand, and capacities of press brakes. Our press brake tooling selection includes options that will help you to complete any metal bending application with accuracy and precision. While you may have sufficient tooling for your current metal bending and press brake applications, there is an almost infinite amount of possibilities for additional tooling that can widen the scope of metal bending applications your press brake is capable of. Additionally, if you need new tooling at any time due to loss or deterioration of current tooling, we are happy to be of assistance.

Various press brake dies can be used to create very precise and complex bends in any type of sheet metal or metal tubing. Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of both American and European tooling including the following press brake tooling:

  • Acute punches & dies
  • Adjustable dies
  • Aircraft form tools
  • Box forming dies
  • Cam action dies
  • Channel dies
  • Corrugating dies
  • Curling dies
  • Die holders
  • Flattening dies
  • Gooseneck punches
  • Lock seam dies
  • Offset dies
  • Rib & seam dies
  • Rocker dies
  • Tube form dies
  • Wiping dies
  • 4 way dies
  • 85 degree punches & dies
  • 90 degree punches & dies
  • Custom dies & punches

The press brake tooling specialists at Sanson Machinery are happy to help you find the right tooling for your press brake and metal bending application. No matter how simple or complex your application may be, we can acquire the right tooling for the job. In addition to the standard tooling required for most press brake jobs, we can also help you create custom dies and punches for any variety of metal bending applications. As we help you assess your press brake tooling needs, we will discover the most versatile solutions for your applications.