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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


coeCoe offers a wide variety of feeds, reels, straighteners and other systems to complete your metal processing objectives. This equipment is designed with functionality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Coe offers comprehensive solutions to your press room, blanking, feeding, and straightening requirements. They have produced feeding equipment for a wide variety of applications, dimension, and production levels. The metal fabrication specialists at Coe have the goal in mind to offer state of the art metal processing equipment that increase productivity, reduces cost, and achieves each customer’s desired outcome.

Coe metal feeding equipment includes:

  • Servo feeds
  • Straighteners
  • Coil Reels
  • Controls
  • Air feeds
  • Conventional coil feed systems
  • Cut to length and blanking lines
  • Multi-mode transfer press feed systems
  • Shears, shear die, and press solutions
  • Spacemaster compact coil lines
  • Space saving coil lines
  • Coil washers and blank washers

Coe offers a limited variety of used equipment in addition to its comprehensive new equipment offerings. This vast selection of metal fabrication machinery is suitable to complete a wide variety of metal fabrication applications. The specialists at Coe desire to help each customer achieve their desired outcomes and keep all metal fabrication up and running by providing superior metal fabrication equipment as well as comprehensive service for every piece of equipment manufactured by Coe.

For more details about Coe machinery and which machinery is best to fit your specific needs, contact a metal feeding and fabrication specialist at Sanson Machinery today!