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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


seyiSEYI offers worldwide solutions for metal forming and sheet metal fabrication. This manufacturer provides world-class press machines to achieve a wide variety of metal forming outcomes. Additionally, SEYI offers many customization options for its metal forming and bending machinery and equipment. This full service metal stamping equipment company proudly presents a wide variety of options for you to achieve your desired metal forming, metal stamping, and sheet metal bending applications. You can select your metal stamping machinery options from the full line of metal forming equipment to meet your metal fabrication needs.

SEYI metal stamping and metal forming equipment includes the following categories:

  • Servo press machinery
  • C-Frame press machinery
  • Straight side press machinery
  • Link motion press machinery

SEYI not only offers ideal solutions for the outcome of each metal stamping or metal forming project, but also ideal operating conditions. This machinery is relatively easy to operate with a wide variety of operation options. Additionally, this equipment is constructed to reduce necessary maintenance and repairs so you will experience minimal downtime in comparison to metal stampin and metal forming machines of the past.

For more detailed information about SEYI metal stamping and metal forming equipment and machinery please contact the metal stamping specialists at Sanson Machinery today. We are happy to help you analyze your metal forming needs and find the appropriate solutions to help you achieve desired outcomes.