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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Spotwelders & Chillers

As part of our complete metal fabrication machinery offerings, Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of spot welding and chiller equipment.

Spot Welders

Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of spot welders to complete the detail welding necessary for any metal fabrication process. The welding equipment available from Sanson Machinery consists of a wide variety of tips and tongs to help you achieve the desired weld for any given project including standard tongs, standard tips, flat tips, and offset tips. We also offer welders in varying capacities, inputs, and outputs to help you achieve the desired outcome of your spot welding. Our spot welders are also available in styles that can be either water cooled or air cooled depending on the type of welder you select.


Industrial chillers are used to cool and regulate the temperature of certain pieces of metal fabrication equipment. During the metal fabrication process, many pieces of machinery or other equipment can become overheated with can cause malfunction of the equipment or warping to the pieces of metal being produced. The use of industrial chillers helps to combat this problem, particularly with pieces of equipment that emit extreme heat such as welders. Most chillers use a method of extracting heat either through air or water, allowing the machine and the piece of metal to sufficiently cool and prevent any potential damage as the result overheating.

The spot welder and chiller specialists at Sanson Machinery will discuss your current metal fabrication applications and discover your specific spot welder and chiller needs. We will make customized recommendations for equipment that will meet the requirements of your current and upcoming metal processing projects and applications. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the use of our spot welders or chillers in your applications.