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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Rapid Air Corporation

Rapid-Air logo BW (4)Rapid Air Corporation offers high precision and accurate outcomes for every metal stamping application. The equipment offered from Rapid Air Corporation is created with the user in mind. Rapid Air Corporation strives to achieve complete satisfaction for each customer with the most accurate and productive metal stamping equipment in the industry. They offer vast equipment, accessory, and customization options including various sizes and model to provide solutions for all production needs.

Rapid Air Corporation offers the following metal stamping products:

  • Complete production lines for build-your-own applications
  • Individual products that are easy to integrate with other existing products
  • Air feeds
  • Servo feeds
  • Straighteners
  • Stock reels
  • Specialty stock reels
  • Cutters
  • Cut-to-length
  • Cutters
  • Custom solutions

Each type of equipment offered also comes with nearly limitless options for customization including various sizes, operating mechanisms, control types, levels of operation, safety features, tooling options, capacities, ability to adapt to various sheet dimensions, and many other possibilities for customization. Rapid Air Corporation can adapt each piece of equipment to meet the specific requirements of your operation to achieve the desired outcomes.

For extensive information about Rapid Air Corporation offerings, products, and ability for customization, please speak with one of the metal stamping specialists at Sanson Machinery today. We are happy to discuss your metal stamping machinery possibilities and determine which types of machinery and equipment may be right for your specific applications and desired outcomes.