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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

New Machinery

Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of new metal fabrication machinery for any type of metal processing application. Our wide variety of new machinery includes everything from cutting systems to bending, welding, and finishing equipment. You can find anything you are looking for with our extensive metal fabrication equipment offerings. We work closely with many metal fabrication manufacturers to find the very best machinery that meets the needs of our customers in price, productivity, accuracy, and overall performance. We take pride in helping each and every one of our customers find the perfect piece of metal fabrication machinery or tooling to meet the specifications set by the customer.

Our new machinery offerings include the following types of machinery:

You can find any type of new metal fabrication machinery to meet the needs of your metal working, metal cutting, metal bending, finishing, and software applications. We offer new equipment that will complement any area of your shop floor.

We can help you find a single piece of specialty equipment or an entirely new fleet of equipment, depending on your specific needs. our metal fabrication equipment specialists will completely analyze your metal processing application needs before making recommendations for new equipment purchases. We want the new metal fabrication machinery purchased from Sanson Machinery to complete the needs of your metal fabrication facility, without exception. No matter how complicated the specifications of your metal fabrication may be, we will help you find the right solution.