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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Sanson Machinery Group provides a wide variety of press brake options to all of its metal fabrication customers. Press brakes are used to bend and manipulate sheet metal and other metal materials to achieve the proper bend for a particular application. The capacity, size, and complexity of the press brake you purchase will depend on the specifications of your specific metal bending application and any future planned projects.

jmtJMT press brakes guarantee precision, low maintenance costs, low operating cost, and long term reliability. These features along with large investments in modern manufacturing equipment have made JMT the largest volume press brake producer in the world.

All JMT press brakes are produced with modern design technology and incorporate rigid stress relieved frames to increase your productivity with accurate part production. A broad offering of sizes and features satisfy nearly all economical requirements.
RAS Logo PicRAS Systems LLC- is the American partner of Reinhardt Maschinenbau of Sindelfingen, Germany. Reinhardt, known as RAS, has been producing fabricating machinery for 65 plus years and is known for its world-class innovation in folding, roll-forming and shearing machines for the sheet metal industry. RAS built their first folding machine in 1949, and introduced the world’s first CNC-controlled folder in 1968. With two manufacturing facilities in Germany, one in Sindelfingen, and the other in Effringen, RAS has been able to supply precision made machinery worldwide.


Salvagnini logoSalvagniniP4Xe: the history and the future of metalworking. In 1977, Guido Salvagnini invented and introduced to the market the first P4 Panel Bender, a numerically controlled machine tool for cold-forming flat sheets, designed to produce sheet metal panels from punched blanks by means of a complete, automatic, programmable and flexible work cycle.The Panel Bender works practically without any tool changes because its bending unit can be seen as a universal tool. An extraordinarily high-production machine, the P4Xe can be set up in different ways to meet the user’s production needs.

PrintStierli-Bieger logoStierli-Bieger is the world leader in premium horizontal bending and straightening machines. From the plant in Sursee, Switzerland, Stierli produces the highest quality horizontal benders with available tonnage of 10 to 600 tons. Customers include manufacturers of electrical equipment, metal processing plants, steel producers, and ship and rail builders. Boschert Precision Machinery supports all Stierli machines throughout North America with a full stock of spare parts, trained service technicians and knowledgeable sales staff.

We invite you to discuss your forming requirements with us today and discover the options we have available for your new machine purchase.