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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Wintriss Fat Logo_PMS1807_rgbWintriss is one of the leading edge control providers for a wide variety of shop floor equipment and machinery. These innovative controls are ideal for most of the metal fabrication equipment and machinery offered by Sanson Machinery. There are several makes and models of controls to achieve your productivity available from Wintriss. Choosing the right control for your machine not only makes a big difference in the end product and eventual outcome, but also in the process and operation of the machine during production. Wintriss controls provide ease of operation for the machine operator and optimal outcomes for every project.

Wintriss offers the following controls, software, and options:

  • Automation controls
  • Sensors & accessories
  • Safety controls
  • Consoles & panels
  • Wintriss brake monitor
  • Safety switches
  • Reporting software

Additional information about Wintriss controls is available from Sanson Machinery control specialists. We are happy to answer you questions about each control and determine which type of control, options, and accessories are ideal for your metal fabrications applications and desired outcomes.