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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Fluid Cells & Deep Draw Press


The Triform presses have been engineered using the latest technology. Modern design software, state-of-the-art hydraulics, and computer-driven controls provide the user with tremendous capability in an easy-to-operate package. The resulting hydroforming presses are offered in both Fluid Cell and Deep Draw configurations for use in a wide range of industries – aerospace, lighting, automotive, medical devices and more. Triform presses offer precision forming of a wide range of materials, with tooling cost savings of up to 90% through the elimination of mating dies.

Hydroforming press machinery can be used with both sheet and tube metal. This creates nearly limitless possibilities for forming very complex pieces of metal for a wide variety of products.This is one of the best ways to produce parts that require very tight tolerances such as parts for the automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries.

If you are interested in pursuing the purchase of a Triform machine, the hydroforming specialists at Sanson Machinery are happy to discuss the goals and process of your metal fabrication application.

Triform Sheet Hydroforming has both Fluid Cell and Deep Draw Presses, offered in a variety or sizes and tonnage. Call Sanson Machinery Group to request a presentation.