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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

MegaFab, Piranha – Whitney – Bertsch

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 Mega Fab

MegaFab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for metal plate cutting and forming equipment and accessories.


Piranha’s logo is known throughout the metal fabricating industry as the symbol of durable, quality-built ironworkers. Piranha equipment is simple in design, heavy in construction, and outfitted with efficient, safe operator features.


Whitney manufactures a comprehensive line of cutting and forming equipment for the metal plate fabrication market.

W.A. Whitney metal cutting and metal forming equipment options include the following:

  • Laser cutting systems
  • Plasma punch fabricating centers
  • CNC fabricators
  • Structural fabricating equipment
  • Tooling


Bertsch Plate Rolls

Bertsch bending rolls are designed and built to accurately form metal from gauge thickness through 14″ thick and larger, and can be custom designed to meet specific applications.

Bertsch Hydraulic Angle Rolls

The Bertsch Double Pinch design reduces end flats to a minimum. The top roll is in a fixed position, while the two lower rolls have independent hydraulic adjustments. This design provides ease of operator control as well as more uniform rolling results.