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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting systems are widely used throughout the metal fabrication industry. This type of cutting system involves the usage of highly pressurized water or the mixture of water and an abrasive substance in a pressurized stream to cut through varying metals and gauges of metal. Almost any type of sheet metal can be cut with a water jet, so this type of cutting system is very versatile. Water jets are also used in stone cutting such as sheets of granite. In addition to creating clean, through cuts, a water jet is also capable of cutting designs and etching the surface of certain materials.

The ability to adjust the stream and force of the water jet makes this an extremely versatile cutting system. A variety of edges can be created and the style and shape of cuts possible with a water jet are nearly limitless. This type of cutting system is very popular in facilities that cut a wide variety of materials including non-metal materials due to its ability to easily adapt. Additionally, the water jet does not produce any heat damage to the piece of sheet metal or other material, reducing any damage that could occur as a by-product of the cutting process. This also makes it possible for a water jet to cut heat-sensitive and more delicate types of materials.

Water jets are also one of the most widely available types of cutting systems on the market. This generally makes them relatively affordable. Many options are available for your water jet cutting system purchase. These options include advanced safety features, multi-axis cutting, the size and capacity of the cutting bed, various control complexity, and other features. Before purchasing a particular water jet you will want to discuss your metal cutting applications and options with one of our water jet specialists. We can help you perform a comprehensive analysis of your cutting applications and determine which specific type of water jet may be the most suitable for your requirements.