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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Hyd Mech V 20Sanson Machinery offers a wide variety of band saws to help you achieve your metal cutting requirements in your metal fabrication productions. Each band saw we offer creates precise, high-quality cuts in a wide variety of materials. Bandsaws have been traditionally the most commonly used method of cutting metals such as brass, copper, steel, aluminum and cutting iron. This is one of the least expensive and fastest options for metal cutting and is widely used throughout many industries including automotive, aircraft, and construction manufacturing.

Each of the band saw options offered from Sanson Machinery includes a rigid body and robust design to handle many years of usage. Band saws are available in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and capabilities. Each band saw offers specific advantages depending on the type of application in which it is used. From small productions to large projects, you can find the right band saw for your metal fabrication application with the selection at Sanson Machinery.

H 230 A 2Like our other metal fabrication machinery options, there are several different customized options for your band saw. These options include but are not limited to the feed mechanism, the fall mechanism, the blade tooth type, and the level of automation the band saw can produce. Each of these options with affect the speed, the quality of finished product, and the type of metals that can be cut with that particular saw. It is important to consider the type of applications for which you are using the band saw before determining the particular options you want to choose for your band saw. The band saw specialists at Sanson Machinery can help you analyze your specific metal cutting application to determine your band saw needs and which options are right for your selection. From simple metal cutting jobs to complex applications, we will help you find the best solution for your facility.