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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


triformTriform is one of the world’s leading hydroform press manufacturers. This hydroform press manufacturer offers machinery and hydroforming equipment that meets extreme precision and accuracy standards. Additionally, this type of press machine is widely used throughout many precision manufacturing industries such as the automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries. This innovative and cutting edge press technology is also extremely versatile and cost effective. Triform hydroforming presses offer unique solutions to even the most complex and challenging metal bending and forming applications. Sanson Machinery is proud to offer the full line of Triform hydroform press products and options.

Triform’s hydroform press offerings include the following equipment:

  • Fluid cell presses
  • Deep draw presses
  • Demonstration videos and hydropress software

The advantages of a hydroform press from Triform are considerable. The minimal maintenance and downtime during maintenance and repairs make this type of press idea for nearly any metal forming application. Additionally, the cost of required maintenance is very low, compared to other hydroform press machines. The controls for the Triform hydroform press machines are relatively easy to operate, eliminating the need for highly skilled machine operators. In addition to cutting-edge technology, Triform also offer unparalleled customer service and continued support for all of its after-safe customers and hydroform press machines.

The hydroforming press specialists at Sanson Machinery are happy to discuss the detailed information, advantages, and options available from Triform. We will help you analyze your press machine needs and determine whether or not a hydroforming press machine from Triform is the right option for your operation, cost-effectiveness, and desired outcomes.