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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


hilmaHilma clamping systems are ideal for a wide variety of metal fabrication applications as well as plastic and rubber clamping application. Hilma clamping systems employ cutting edge technology and sensory systems to create accurate clamping for tooling and material positioning. Hilma clamping systems can be used in fully automatic processes and in a wide variety of material processing applications. There is no need to change the clamping system in order to accommodate additional jobs. One clamping system can be used for various workpiece dimensions.

Hilma clamping systems include the following categories:

  • Die Clamping QDC/QMC
  • Workholding

Die clamping systems from Hilma are available in hydrualic, mechanical, and magnetic mechanisms. These options make it possible to use Hilma clamping systems with any type of metal fabrication equipment. Workholding clamps are also available in mechanical, hydraulic, and magnetic mechanisms. Workholding clamping systems from Hilma perform a wide variety of functions including vices, 5-axis machining, flexible clamping systems, mouldings clamping, magnetic clamping, double clamping, clamping towers, multiple clamping systems, and a wide variety of custom clamping systems.

The clamping system specialists at Sanson Machinery are happy to help you analyze your clamping needs and find the appropriate clamping system to meet your clamping requirements.