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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Since 1919, The GEKA Group has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle, plates, and profiles – for structural steel, plate fabrication, metal workshops, metal constructions, telecommunication, electricity towers, and generally all that is related with civil and industrial construction.

Our range of solutions is intended to cover all your needs in the steel fabrication business. Discover how GEKA can help you to improve your productivity and results.


Structures of pavilions, tents and stands, wrought ironwork, iron fittings, bullrings, football fields, dockyards, mining, wine-making equipment, treatment of copper, boiler-making works, traffic signs, publicity boards, truck chassis, trailers, sporting equipment, children’s playgrounds, farm machinery, metal cabins, high voltage pylons, cranes, catenaries, urban furnishing, handrails, fences and enclosures, windows, cement anchoring elements…