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Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Manufacture Spotlight

Haeger Inc.

Haeger manufactures hardware insertion machines, and we are the world leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion technology solutions. Haeger has introduced its full line of machines which provide our SingleTouch Part Handling Technology. These machines allow the insertion of up to four different fasteners in a single handling of a part. The Technology offers the single most significant boost to hardware insertion productivity since the introduction of automatic tooling systems. Haeger machines Create Hardware Insertion Profit Centers™ by optimizing labor, improving quality, and increasing productivity through the use of technology.

For over 25 years, Haeger has pioneered and manufactured machines and tooling systems for inserting nearly every type and size of self-clinching fastener imaginable. And, the development continues – we’re constantly creating new technologies for inserting nearly every type and size of self-clinching fasteners into all varieties of materials. Haeger’s engineers can solve insertion challenges that no one else can, whether it’s engineering, production, technical service or sales and marketing. Our staff brings experience, expertise, and diversity of talent second to none.

In 1983 Haeger, Inc. became part of the Phillips Corporation. For the last 53 years Phillips Corporation has partnered with our metalworking customers to improve competencies for applying manufacturing technology — resulting in leaps in productivity, great prosperity, and enduring competitive advantage.

Haeger VS Pem


Haeger full hydraulic less problems

Pem air over hydraulics more that can go wrong, to many valves, air switches, sensors and air variables. old technology that they have not improved on.
Haeger auto-tooling set-up 2.5 minutes

Pem much longer, to many settings you have to make. (5+ mins.)
Haeger patented safety system active as soon as you power up the machine. in effect anywhere in the stroke, nothing to set.

Pem light-stream system must be set from job to job. (same as the Haeger TPS – tool protection system)
Special Tooling
Haeger specials tooling dept. for non-standard hardware like your applications May be at some point.

Pem limited special tooling. more manual than auto-feed.
Haeger machine more streamlined, less in the way of the operator.

Pem front of the machine right in the operators face, they do not like it.
Haeger auto-tooling more reliable and dependable, less moving parts.

Pem too many moving parts on the auto-tooling.

When is it time to replace?

This is an age-old question in business, and there really are no hard and fast answers. The decision to replace (or upgrade) your Haeger equipment can have far-reaching effects well beyond the cost of the equipment. For example, do you buy now, or wait for next year, or will waiting give your competition too much of an advantage, from which you may never recover? It’s been my experience that the decision to buy new Haeger equipment usually makes itself pretty clear, especially when we’re discussing increase profit, increased quality, quicker change overs, easier programming and ability to stay competitive. When buying a new Haeger equipment makes your company better, faster, and more efficient, it’s usually a pretty clear “buy now” scenario. The advantage of having better quality control, and increased shop space with less handling of the part is easy to see. But all too often the fastener insertion area is over looked as a profit center. These things might not be so clear, especially in the day- to-day sense. And it’s easy to let them slide. After all, a Haeger from 1980 still performs its intended function just fine.

My advice to Owners, Engineers, and Production Managers is to look around at your shop and determine what is costing you in your fastener insertion area including labor, shop space, reworked parts or damaged parts due to quality errors, and even cost of your fasteners. Then give us a call and we can perform a time study to show you how much we can increase your profits, decrease your quality outages and increase your throughout.

Haegers New 618MSPe and 824MSPe Machines

618mspe 824 mspe

Haeger would like to introduce our new machines, the 618MSPe and 824MSPe. These machines will replace our current 618Plus and 824Plus machines and come with a lot of benefits for you the customer.

• Ability to run single station or multi station using our Four Station Turret Insertion System (TIS)
• Ability to run our NEW 350 Auto Feed System or our legendary MAS9 Auto Feed System with all controls in the software
• Quick change Multi Shuttle Tooling
• PLC Touch Screen with Batch Counter and TPS as standard product
• Program Storage
• Improved Hydraulics for more accurate control of pressure
• Part Complete Screen
• Safety Sensors versus Safety switch for increased lifespan and error free operation.
• The legendary Haeger Patented Safety System that is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length


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Single Part Handling Technology

On a typical part with 3 different fasteners it cost 20 cents per insertion on a manual hardware insertion machine. On a Single Part Handling insertion machine it would cost you 5 cents per insertion.

Compare that to the average fastener cost of 5 cents and you can have all your fasteners for FREE easily…. Not to mention less part handling and less chance of part damage.


Please check our video showing the difference.


Haeger Technology


Please check out our video on Haeger Technology.


Custom Rivet Insertion Technology From Haeger


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