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Updated: Aug 07, 2018

Manufacture Spotlight

About RAS Systems

Founded in 1992, RAS Systems LLC grew to the market leader for metal cutting and forming machines in the United States.

Milestones in company history

1939        Wilhelm Reinhardt started RAS as a mechanical workshop
1946        Start of production of sheet metal processing machines
1949        Move from the Sindelfingen center to the present location
1955        RAS trademark is registered
1966        Construction of a production plant in Effringen
1978        First extension of the Effringen factory
1981        Founder Wilhelm Reinhardt passed away
1981        Willy Stahl sen and Rolf Reinhardt take over management
1985        Willy Stahl sen and Waltraud Stahl are the sole shareholders
1990/93   Sons Willy Stahl and Rainer Stahl enter the management
1992        Foundation of RAS Systems in the US
2000        Inauguration of assembly extension and showroom in Sindelfingen
2008        Extension of factory Effringen
2014        RAS celebrates its 75th anniversary
2017        Additional production area in Effringen

Milestones in RAS product development

1949        RAS builds the first folding machine
1968        World’s first NC-controlled folding machine
1991        First fully automated panel bender: Multibend-Center
1999        World’s first folding center for long parts
2006        First UpDown folding machine: UpDownBend
2008        World’s first folding center for small parts: MiniBendCenter
2012        First semi-automated panel bender: UpDownCenter
2013        Automatic One-Click part programming
2014        World’s first folding center for profiles: ProfileCenter
2016        XLTbend as a high-tech offensive in UpDown bending

Spotlight Machine



GIGAbend Highlights

  • Ideal bending solution from 0.5 to 6 mm mild steel
  • Large free space for maximum parts design flexibility
  • Easy to handle
  • Bending of panels and profiles
  • Bending any angles, radii, open/closed hems

Amazing clamping pressure

The upper beam moves down and up with a spindle drive. For clamping the parts PowerBoosters are activated. They create 120 metric tons of clamping pressure, hold thick workpieces in position and have sufficient reserves for hemming.

  • Large-volume upper beam for straight bends
  • Large open space around the upper beam (design freedom)
  • PowerBooster (secure material clamping, hemming power)
  • Long and deep guiding system (high bending accuracy)
  • Encapsulated spindle drive in an oil bath (low maintenance)
  • Large free space behind the upper beam (view from behind)

High-Tech folding beam

The folding beam is the heart of each folding machine. The intelligent crowning system of GIGAbend automatically compensates elastic beam deformation caused by the bending forces. Sensors measure the beam deflection. The results are straight bends and precision parts.

  • Fast movements: short cycle times
  • Deep folding beam: Excellent bend results
  • Automatic clamping of segmented folding beam tools

Straight bends without test bends and without programming for:

  • Thin and thick materials
  • all material types (mild steel, stainlessm aluminum, etc)
  • long and short flanges
  • in the machine center or close to the machine stands

Tools for every application

The tools of the upper beam, folding beam and lower beam are segmented. The front-free or rear-free geometries provides plenty of space for long C-flanges or narrow components. Different tool heights and shapes cover the variety of bending challenges. In case of a focussed part analysis a single tool set is often sufficient for the entire range of parts.

  • Tool segments can be easily handled by a single person
  • Short set-up times due to automatic tools clamping
  • Perfectly fitting tools segments (retrofittable at any time)
  • Folding beam tool width selected for sheet thickness and smallest Z dimension
  • XL-folding beam tools with extra-large free space

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