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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


parmiginaniParmiginani Machines offers advanced bending solutions for all metal bending applications. This bending machine manufacturer has created robust, complex, and advanced machinery to achieve many types of complex and precision bends. Many of the bending machines from Parmiginani Machines including press brakes can be used in tandem to accommodate for large bending projects that require larger and higher capacity machines in order to produce. Using machines in tandem for larger projects instead of one large machine is advantageous because these machines used in tandem can be separated in the future to use for separate projects and applications.

Parimiginani Machines offer the following advanced bending equipment:

  • 3-roll bending plate rolls
  • 4-roll bending plate rolls
  • Section bending machines
  • Tank head manufacturing machines
  • Wind tower systems
  • 3-roll plate bending rolls for aircraft and ship building
  • Hydraulic presses

The variety of advanced bending solutions from Parimiginani Machines makes it possible to achieve a wide variety of bends and shapes for many types of sheet metal. The pieces of equipment from Parmiginani Machines can bend practically any type, gauge, and dimension of sheet metal you need to achieve your specific project outcomes. Additionally, these machines are designed for maximum production and cost-effectiveness.

For additional information about Parmiginani Machines and a complete assessment of your need for advanced bending solutions, please speak with one of our metal bending specialists at Sanson Machinery today!