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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Perfection Machine and Tool

perfectionPerfection Machine and Tool Works offers complete press brake tooling and accessories to achieve precision and accurate bends in any metal bending application. This die and press tooling manufacturer takes great pride in creating both standard and custom dies and tooling sets in order for its customer to achieve a wide variety of bend with extreme precision and accuracy, thus creating a perfect bend every time. Perfection Machine and Tool Works has worked closely with Sanson Machinery to provide our customers with the highest quality press brake tooling for many years. Perfection Machine and Tool Works has been in the business of creating perfect tooling since 1917 and has had many years to continue the pursuit of perfection.

Perfection Machine and Tool Works offers the following press brake dies and tooling:

  • Standard press brake dies
  • Special order press brake dies
  • Gage arms and assemblies
  • Die protectors
  • Aircraft type press brake dies
  • Storage for press brake dies

Perfection Machine and Tool Works creates precision dies for many industries including aircraft, automobile, nuclear, and other metal fabrication applications. In addition to creating precision tooling for standard and special use, Perfection Machine and Tool Works also creates special storage and protection equipment in order to keep your press brake tooling and dies in good condition and to help your tooling last as long as possible

For more information about Perfection Machine & Tool Works dies and press brake tooling, call one of the press brake specialists at Sanson Machinery today!