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Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Timesaver 2014


Timesavers has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing metal working machinery. Our Metal Sanders and Deburring Machines are built with the craft in mind. We know different jobs require different approaches, and nobody offers a wider variety of solutions than Timesavers.  Many years of innovation and testing have led to Timesaver’s high efficiency and high productivity metal finishing options.To satisfy your needs, it is important that you find the right machine, including the number of heads, type of heads, wet vs. dry, & abrasives. We offer it all and are ready to help you make the right decision. Check out the applications we offer, and if you have any questions please call Sanson Northwest at 425-513-8263.

Metal Grinding Applications

• Deburring

• Finishing

• Edge Radius

• Dimensioning


Machines in the Spotlight!




Timesavers LYNX Series is available in 19” and 37” widths, and can be configured for both metal finishing and deburring. The 19” machine is available with up to 4 heads, is equipped with high sanding belt horsepower, and is the ideal machine for grinding and finishing rectangular tube or flat bar stock. The 37” machine can be built with up to 3 wide belt and brush heads. The LYNX Series is a complete package with integrated coolant system to cool parts and increase abrasive belt life; this system uses a media paper to filter the coolant before being re-circulated. A high-pressure air knife system dries your parts as they exit the machine.

  • Number of Heads: 1-4
  • Head Types: Drum, Brush
  • Machine Widths: 19”, 37”
  • Up to 20 HP Main Drive Motor
  • 60” Abrasive Belt Length
  • Automatic Abrasive Belt Tracking
  • 0-8” Bed Opening (38” Constant Passline)
  • 15-45 FPM Feed Speed
  • 6” Diameter Contact Drum
  • 6” Diameter Brush
  • Built-in Coolant Filter and Recirculation Pump
  • Air Knife Parts Dryer
  • Contact Timesavers for Custom Features and Options
  • Uses: Metal Finishing and Deburring




A multi-directional brush machine that uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of metal parts in a single pass. This process is completely harmless to surface coatings (such as cladding, zinc or laser film). Ideal for deburring the edges of laser-cut, punched or machined metal parts.

  • Number of Heads: 1-3
  • Head Types: Rotary Brush, Drum
  • Machine Widths: 52”
  • Abrasive Brush Size: 12”x20”
  • Number of Brushes: 2 or 8
  • Quick Change Brush Mounting
  • 0-4” Bed Opening (34”-38” Passline)
  • 5-20 FPM Feed Speed
  • 7” Diameter Adjustable Contact Drum
  • Vacuum Conveyor Bed is Standard
  • Contact Timesavers for Custom Features and Dust Collection
  • Uses: Metal Finishing and Deburring

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